A few projects that I've built during my free time to solve various problems I've encountered.


Rails-like CLI to quickly generate resources (models, controllers, views, etc.) for your Nextjs application. Quick commands to initialize Drizzle, TRPC, and NextAuth.

Dealflow OS - Open Source

Deal Flow OS is an open-source(ish) deal flow management system. This system was built to cover the deal flow management requirements of Ascension, an early-stage VC fund.

Pitch to PDF

Chrome extension to download presentations to PDF.


Chrome extension to quickly query Airtable Base.

Ascension Website

Nextjs app that dynamically pulls data from our portfolio management system on Airtable saving hours of manual data entry.

Debut Sessions

During COVID, launched a live interactive pitch competition powered by the community with Kieran Hill.

Portfolio Management System

Open Source Airtable Base for tracking VC investments and communicating with LPs.